AYF Impact

Amami Project – AYF fellows have been busy conducting experiments towards achieving a sustainable lifestyle and using more of the low-impact natural resources around us in our daily lives.
Tane no Chikara, a company of Pasona Group that focuses on building Earthback Houses.
Sakura Festival – AYF hosted an international gathering between Fellows and locals to enjoy international food and games together.
Permaculture Project – One group of AYF fellows has been working towards revitalizing farmland, composing and gardening to make Manabi no Sato and the broader Awaji into a greener place.
Exchange with Osaka University – Fellows gathered with Osaka University undergraduates to have a discussion about leadership.
Music Village
Manabi no Ki – An English teaching initiative by Fellows.
Hula Exchange Event – Members of AYF met with the local Hula Dance group to have a combined exchange and performance event.
Working with farmers – On weekends, AYF fellows volunteered their time to help local farmers during peak harvest season.
Beach Cleaning – AYF members volunteer to clean up nearby beaches as part of community service.
Awaji Kids Garden – A preschool currently hosted at Manabi no Sato where children learn how to be independent from a young age.