Message from Pasona Group CEO

Message from Pasona Group CEO Mr. Yasuyuki Nambu

We are delighted to welcome AYF Fellows to Awaji Island!

I am filled with confidence and pride that all our AYF Fellows have the potential to go out into the world as great contributors to our global economy and society. I have a vision for this program, and for the future of all those involved in guiding, building and leading it.

This program will propel the AYF Fellows forward in their journey through life as they live, learn and work here on Awaji Island in a global community based on diversity, innovation and mutual respect. One person alone may not have much influence on the world, but making meaningful connections with others transforms the power of one into the power of many. With that in mind, we have arranged a variety of programs.

The first element is the key philosophy and learnings of the AYF program, the second element focuses on defining and solving problems, and the final element requires AYF Fellows to demonstrate an example worth following.

For over 40 years, the Pasona Group has been dedicated to solving the problems of society. We have created diverse job opportunities for a variety of people including housewives, university graduates, the middle aged, people with disabilities, artists, musicians, athletes and others.  We work to create a society where everyone can find a career that complements their personal goals.

The ambitions, hopes and achievements of the next generation of creators, innovators and thinkers gathered here on Awaji Island from all over the world at the Awaji Youth Federation are indispensable in paving the way for future generations to come. They will face the challenges of today and the years to come with the passion, determination and courage needed to make the world a better place.