AYF Overview

What is AYF?

Awaji Youth Federation (AYF), one of the newest and most promising projects of Pasona Group Inc., was established in 2017 in the beautiful surroundings of Awaji Island.

Awaji Island is considered to be the mythological and spiritual origin of Japan. AYF is seeking next generation leaders with the passion to challenge themselves in this unique global community and take advantage of this once in a lifetime opportunity.

By gathering future leaders, AYF aims to provide a creative platform so young innovators and designers can come together across cultures, backgrounds and disciplines. Using their unique skills and existing specializations, they will find new solutions to global issues through study and collaboration.

Fellows participating in this program will have a chance to receive in-house training and valuable on-the-job work experience to enhance their skills and capabilities through active involvement in new business projects and facilities operated by the Pasona Group on Awaji Island.

Such on-the-job work experience will be in the form of professional work experience, reflecting individual capabilities, specialization and interests. This may include work relating to the international aspects of regional revitalization, tourism promotion, marketing, communications, interpreting and translation, or new business development, etc.

Upon completion of the program, Fellows may be eligible for assistance from the Pasona Group with new start-up ventures or be presented with future employment opportunities either in Japan or abroad.

The AYF Mission

Program Objectives: 4 Streams for Social Sustainability

As future leaders of tomorrow, AYF Fellows will take part in a unique “learning and working” program with an overall focus on the following 4 streams that lead to social sustainability:

Knowledge & Skill: 8 Specializations and Sectors

AYF Fellows will come together from all over the world to form a unique global community on Awaji Island, combining their personal skills, knowledge and experience across 8 different sectors to live, learn, dream, and innovate.

Program Characteristics

  1. Participants select a stream of focus which corresponds to their current study, discipline, or area of achievement.
  2. At the beginning of the program, each Fellow sets a mission for themselves where they will work both individually and collectively over the course of 12 months to realize that outcome.
  3. The multi-disciplinary creative works, ideas and co-production efforts will be presented at the end of the program to showcase the result of the Fellows’ hard work over the past year.

Program Breakdown: 3 Semesters & Program Focus

Graduation Pathway

The unique characteristic of the AYF Program means Fellows can design their own future after program completion, using one of the following post-graduation pathways:

Using the global network of the Pasona Group, AYF Fellows will be offered support to follow their dreams. The AYF program will open doors to numerous pathways, allowing Fellows to create their own future and to maintain their connection with Awaji Island through the AYF Alumni Network.