Dr. Kiyoshi Kurokawa

President – Awaji Youth Federation
Professor Emeritus, National Graduate Institute for Policy Studies and The University of Tokyo
Chairman, Health and Global Policy Institute
Chair and Representative Director, Global Health Innovative Technology Fund
Adjunct Senior Scientist of the Earth Institute of Columbia University
Distinguished Research Affiliate, The MIT Media Lab
Member of G8 World Dementia Council

<Major Works>
Kissei no toriko: gurupushinku ga nihon wo horobosu [Regulatory Capture: How Group think is Destroying Japan] (2016)
Inobeeshon no shikouhou [The Innovative Way of Thinking] (2008)
Daigaku byouin kakumei [The Revolution of University Hospitals] (2007)


Dr. Kiyoshi Kurokawa MD is a graduate of the University of Tokyo, professor of medicine at UCLA (1979-84), University of Tokyo (89-96), Dean of Tokai University Medical School (96-02), President of the Science Council of Japan (03-06) and Science Advisor to the Prime Minister (06-08). He served as Commissioner of WHO (2005-09), ​National Academy of Medicine, USA,​ Master of American College of Physicians and Founding Governor of ACP Japan Chapter. He was Chair of the Fukushima Nuclear Accident Independent Investigation Commission by National Diet of Japan. In 2015, he was appointed as a member of the World Dementia Council by the UK government​. He currently serves as Chair of ​Global Health Innovative Technology Fund (GHIT Fund)​, Professor Emeritus of ​the ​University of Tokyo, Adjunct Senior Research Scientist of the Earth Institute of Columbia University and Distinguished Research Affiliate​ of ​the MIT Media Lab.​

Website: www.kiyoshikurokawa.com/en​