Mr. Gilles Maucout

Tea Master


Gilles Maucout has practiced Japanese Tea ceremony for more than 30 years under direct supervision of Sohen Ryu Shoden An Grand Masters: Iwata Soryu then Iwata Sogen. And was therafter granted the tea name: SOKI. He also practices Kyudô (Honda Ryu) under the supervision of Tokuda sensei and Kôdô (Shino Ryu) under the guidance of 21st generation Hachiya Souhitsu. These various teachings enabled him to gain a global insight on martial arts and their interaction with the conduit of business on a human, personal and managerial point of view, which was indeed the purpose of the training of young samurai in the Edo period. Business wise, Gilles has been for 40 years sales director in a global French company, with experience in countries as various as Madagascar, Nigeria, Japan, Singapore, Malaysia, Hong -Kong, Indonesia, Philippines, China Poland and France. These simultaneous experiences (team management, martial arts, and very different fields of application) over a very long period in time enabled him to find the common grounds of both martial arts and management, and their benefits on a business point of views. Gilles is currently a consultant in management practices, and his business attitude is to emphasize on preparation, capacity to listen, to motivate, and to enable people in a team to work out efficient solutions while maintaining at all levels determination and harmony.