Prof. Yoshiaki Nomura

Professor Emeritus, Osaka University;
Global Leadership Program Professor
Osaka University School of International Public Policy

<Major Works>
“Fall of Extraterritoriality and Resurgence of Choice of Law in Global Securities Litigation.” Japanese Yearbook of International Law, Vol. 60 (2017)
“Activity-based Jurisdiction of Japanese Courts-A Bold but Unnecessary Departure.” Japanese Yearbook of International Law Vol.55 (2012)


Yoshiaki Nomura is a professor appointed for Global Leadership Program and former dean at Osaka School of International Public Policy, Osaka University, Japan. He obtained an LLM at Harvard (1986) and a LLB at Osaka University (1976). His specialties include international business law, international private law, international civil litigation, international economic law, and negotiation. Additionally he has offered seminars and courses in global leadership. From 2002, he has been Chair of Steering Committee, Intercollegiate Negotiation Competition, and from 2009, Chief Executive Director of Non-profit Corporation Global Leadership Association. He was also a member of National Bar Examination Commission (2008-2014) and member of the Legislative Council of the Ministry of Justice, Commercial Law Division (2014 – 2016).