The AYF branding team is one of the working teams at Awaji Youth Federation. The core mission is to take advantage of the ideal framework that is Awaji Youth Federation and to promote its activities so that it may become a meaningful and recognized global association.

By so doing, it is expected to bring a positive impact not only on AYF but also on Awaji Island by drawing even more interest toward them. In this manner, one might consider the team’s endeavors as a bridge between Awaji Island and the rest of the world.

To achieve this goal, our team developed strategies to promote the AYF both online and offline by focusing on three main pillars of online promotion, networking, and social media. Throughout the year, the AYF fellows have comprised several teams to design and lead innovative projects that could be instrumental in shaping the next generation. AYF now continues to tackle issues related to various industries such as food, agriculture, and education, among others.

The Branding Team is a testimony and overview of the hard work carried out this year by each of the AYF fellows, spent countless hours in seeing their efforts through, who did not give up amidst difficulties, who remained passionate, and wanted to make the most of the opportunities given to them. It is a display of what youth from 19 countries can achieve together given the right tools and environment.

The team has produced a wide variety of social media content such as videos, content writing, and posters which are posted on different platforms such as Linkedin, Facebook, Youtube, and the AYF website. The team is also working with the other teams to create promotional materials such as posters and visual arts for AYF events. Moreover, the team also publishes a monthly newsletter to showcase the activities of the fellows.