Information on Awaji Island


General Information

  • Located south of Hyogo Prefecture, it is the largest island in Seto Inland Sea and the 11th largest island in Japan.
  • Blessed with a warm climate and long daylight hours in all seasons, the island is a place of agricultural and floral beauty.
  • Composed of Awaji City, Sumoto City and Minami Awaji City, Awaji has a population of about 150,000 people.
  • Local and highway express buses and privately owned cars are the main means of transportation, with a well-developed road system to navigate and explore the island.


  • Considered to be the birthplace of Japan according to Kojiki (A Record of Ancient Matters) as well as Chronicles of Japan and possesses a wealth of myths and shrines.
  • Well known for its tourism spots with clean beaches and beautiful sunsets ranked amongst the top 100 in Japan as well as their famous hot springs.
  • Affectionately known as ‘Park Island’ for its natural scenic park areas.
  • Island with the ‘whirling wave’, Naruto Whirlpools, they are the 4th largest in the world, which is created by the collision of Pacific Ocean and current running from the Seto Inland Sea.
  • Mecca for fishing and cycling.



  • Closely tied with the Imperial Family since long ago and known as “Miketsukuni”, which presented the Imperial Court with numerous delicacies and ingredients.
  • Rich repository of ingredients from livestock to vegetable, seafood and rice.
  • Produces sweet and delicious onions of the highest quality. Popular onion dishes include onion cutlet, fried onion, onion pickles and baked whole onions.
  • Famous for their top quality Raw Whitebait on Rice
  • Reputable for Awaji Beef of rank A4 and above.
  • Famous for their Awaji Island Burger, which uses beef and produce from Awaji such as onions and lettuce.