Awaji Youth Federation x Awaji to the World!

Awaji to the World is an outcome of the Awaji Youth Federation (AYF) Fellowship, implemented by Pasona Group on Awaji Island. Awaji Island is rich in culture & history and home to Japanese traditional puppet theaters, the best gourmets in Japan, and beautiful sunsets. Awaji to the World is a project that aims to spread the beauty of Awaji Island through magazine publications that are friendly to English speakers.

Awaji to The World wants to provide a platform to showcase Awaji-based businesses and activities such as the beaches and cycling activities, as well as showcasing Pasona-owned facilities as the magazine is an outcome of the AYF and Pasona group’s Marketing Hub division. The team (Magdaleena Kupila, Hansel Dwi Putra, Felicia Jenifer) aims to create articles and picture stories that are both personal and from a foreigner’s voice and perspective. Hopefully, this will increase the awareness of Awaji Island and in the long term, bringing more people to the island.

Link to the free digital magazine: