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We believe that equality of opportunity is dependent upon access to education, information, credit and most importantly, the support of others who care. AYF Global is a place to find these things and more - establish new communities and expand your horizons.

Our Global Community is designed to encourage freedom of thought and expression, and allowing our members to learn from, and encourage each other by challenging themselves to develop new skills and solutions to global problems in business and society. Through a wide variety of discussion forums, webinars, online showcases and events, members will be encouraged and stimulated to think about the `new normal` and what that means for them and their communities.

If you would like to showcase your achievements, test your ideas and learn from others, be part of the Voice of AYF. Contact us at with your articles and anything else you would like to share. We are waiting to hear from you!!!

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Test your Skills
in an Idea Challenge

Sign up to be a problem solver in one of our hosted idea challenges so that you can meet and work with exceptional peers online to pit yourself against others in solving some of the world`s most challenging problems. Learn more about the innovation insights that leading Japanese corporations are developing through facilitated introductions to a young generation of Japanese thought leaders, at the same time connecting with other problem solvers across the AYF Global Community who can offer a new or different perspective. Each challenge will be separately advertised and comes with a predetermined time frame and incentives for the winner.

Once you sign up you`ll be contacted by email and assigned to a team with a dedicated innovation facilitator who`ll guide you through the process. Whether your interest is AI, design, education, augmented reality, gaming, robotics, environmental science, agribusiness or electric vehicles, idea challenges are a great way to meet new people and add achievements to your resume!

For those of you who want to design and run your own idea challenge, there is no better space to attract a broad audience of potential problem solvers than the AYF Global Community. Let us know when you complete your registration form.

Test your Skills in an Idea Challenge

Baniel’s Business
Boot Camp

Baniel’s Business Boot Camp

For those of you who have a great idea but need more help to turn it into a really bankable business proposal, AYF Global offers members the chance to be enrolled in our pre-accelerator program run by one of Hong Kong`s leading entrepreneurs and specialists in digital innovation and start-ups, Adjunct Associate Professor Baniel Cheung of Hong Kong University Business School.

Baniel`s Business Boot Camp accepts a limited number of participants for each three month program in order to ensure that each one is given individual advice and mentoring on what is needed to make a good idea into a really great business proposal.
This includes practical advice with illustrative case studies on

  • Idea and concept generation
  • Feasibility study and business research
  • Business model formulation
  • Financial forecasting and budgeting
  • Business planning
  • Sales and marketing strategies
  • Pitching and presentation skills
  • Formulation of a business plan

Apply via email to for a place in Baniel`s Business Boot Camp to learn how you can test and transform your idea into a powerful proposal that will attract supporters and investors. Learn what it takes to be successful as a problem solver in an idea challenge with attractive rewards.

Baniel`s Business Bootcamp caters to youth with an interest in Japan and who want to develop their business knowledge.

Youth to Youth Mentoring
Be a Global Youth Ambassador

We believe in building a trustful and innovative society where young entrepreneurs grow through mentorship collaboration. This will become the place where the world-class leaders, global entrepreneurs and change-makers meet to learn from each other and bring creative solutions to global issues in line with our fast-changing world.

As we strive to help youth everywhere to connect, learn and innovate, AYF Global will be launching a unique youth-to-youth mentoring initiative in the form of selected members who volunteer to represent their country and region as part of the AYF Youth Ambassador program, through a matching program that will connect them to either aspiring Japanese Youth Ambassadors or other AYF Global members seeking mentorship, as the case may be.

Youth everywhere can support each other as they strive to grow and expand their horizons in a way that is different from traditional mentoring programs. The Japanese Youth Ambassador program will connect selected AYF Global Youth Ambassadors to the emerging leaders of tomorrow in Japan, through a series of online discussions and one on one mentoring sessions. Japanese Youth Ambassadors will be selected from Japanese government programs and universities and will tackle topics like storytelling, regional revitalization, diplomacy and inbound tourism in the context of a with-COVID world.

Youth to Youth Mentoring Be a Global Youth Ambassador