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2019 Fellowship applications now closed!

Thank you for your interest at this time. We will update again on the next fellowship opening!


Application Timeline

The following schedule is for foreign residents. If the applicant lives in Japan or has received recommendation from the embassy or relevant organization, the process will be slightly different.


Application Requirements

AYF Fellows will be employed by Pasona Group Inc. for a one-year period as contract employees. The following pre-requisites are necessary to be qualified:

program outline 1

Employment Terms and Conditions

The AYF program has been designed so that Fellows will be able to enhance their skills and abilities without being burdened financially while in Japan. As an Awaji Youth Federation Fellow, you will be employed by Pasona Group Inc. and enjoy the following benefits and conditions, while fees and government taxes are processed by Pasona.

  • Status: Contract employee of Pasona Group Inc.
  • Period: One year from January 16th, 2019
  • Hours: 8 hours per day, 5 days per week (in rotation shifts)
  • Location: Awaji Island, Hyogo Prefecture, Japan
  • Salary: JPY 250,000 per month (see breakdown below)
  • Benefits: Health insurance, worker’s compensation coverage, paid annual leave
  • Annual Leave: 10 days (available six months into the program)
  • Costs borne by participants:
    • Return flights to Japan
    • Contribution to the social safety net insurance
    • Domestic travel expenses
    • Other living expenses as required
    • Income tax, etc.

Salary and Cost Breakdown

  • Gross salary: JPY 250,000
  • Cost of program: JPY 90,000/mo
  • Cost of accommodation: JPY 26,000/mo
    Includes Wi-Fi and other utility costs
  • Cost of meals: JPY 20,000/mo
    Includes basic breakfast, full buffet style lunch and dinner
  • Cost of tax and social insurance: Approx. JPY 44,000/mo
  • Net salary per month: JPY 70,000 (after above costs and taxes are processed)

Application Submission

Interested in starting a new chapter and embarking on a life-changing journey in Japan? Complete and submit the following documents today and apply for a Fellowship position with Awaji Youth Federation!

  • A completed AYF Application (Download Here)
  • Your resume with indication of your tertiary degree and English level
    Please note that a minimum level of TOEIC 800 or equivalent is required for non-native speakers.
  • A 400-word essay on why you would like to join the AYF

Send the above documents or any questions you have to before August 31st, 2018 and refer to the Application Timeline for a more detailed schedule.