Message from AYF President

Message from Dr. Kiyoshi Kurokawa, AYF President

The AYF program brings 29 fellows from 20 countries and regions to beautiful Awaji Island for one year, working together in search of innovative solutions to the challenges facing society – such as regional revitalization, entrepreneurship, creative culture and international relations.

This is an ideal environment for diverse young talents from around the world to develop their personal and career potential as they learn about Japan and the cultures of their colleagues.

For Japan, this is an opportunity to learn from the diverse perspectives and insights of “future change leaders” from other lands. It’s a challenge to our own youth to see this country and its future potential through the eyes of others.

So rather than just “receiving information” about Japan, our hope is that AYF fellows will observe our society with a friendly but critical eye, discuss and debate the issues, and share their thoughts candidly. What should we preserve? What should we adapt or change in future?

After a year with us, we hope that our AYF fellows will remain true lifelong friends of Japan, with a nuanced appreciation of our charms and our challenges alike.