AYF Leadership Team

Mr. Yasuyuki Nambu

Group CEO, Pasona Group Inc.

Mr. Nambu founded AYF Fellowship in 2017 to bring positive change to Awaji Island through bringing foreign talent to the region.

AYF Honorary President

Chief Executive Officer, AYF

About Pasona Group

pasona logo

Founded in 1976, Pasona Group is a leader in Japanese employment and staffing solutions. Since its establishment, Pasona Group has maintained the corporate ideal to solve societal problems by harnessing the potential of each job-seeking individual, with its mission being to continue embracing challenges with high aspirations and dedication toward creating a new social infrastructure.

This includes helping people find work they like and complements their personal goals; creating a society in which individuals can freely exercise their talents through an egalitarian relationship with their workplace; and promoting diversity whilst continually creating opportunities for individuals to achieve their dreams.

In recent years, Pasona Group has taken on the challenge to create new jobs by attracting human resources to rural areas, including Awaji Island, Kyotango, and Tohoku. The aim is to revitalize regional industries by bringing together people with diverse talents. By cooperating with local governments and businesses, Pasona Group is working toward ongoing revitalization of rural communities across Japan, based on the themes of Japanese culture, history, food, and health.