Ms. Keishosai Ogasawara

Primary Head of the Ogasawara House of Etiquette Granddaughter of head priest Nichiei Ogasawara who is sister of Tadamune Ogasawara, the former primary head of house(passed away in 1996)

<Major Works>
Nihonjin no kokoro to katachi (2017)
Hakushakuke no shikitari (2014)
Daremo oshietekurenai Otoko no reigisahou (2010)
Osoreirimasu [Excuse Me] (2005)


Prior to 1996, Keishosai Ogasawara was the secondary head of house of the Ogasawara-style, in 1996 she became the primary head of house, which boasts about a 700 year history. As the first woman to serve as head of house, she has drawn the attention of many. With solid knowledge of the content of the family book which has been handed down from generations, she not only offers instruction, but also gives lectures and produces her own literature on the subject. Many businesses, schools, and various organizations continue to request her lectures on etiquette and manners, such as business manner training, seminars, and ceremonial occasions, as well as hospitality which incorporates the Ogasawara-style.