Ms. Hiromi Yokoi

Special Correspondent for JIJI Press

<Major Works>
Series of columns , “Walking along Romantic Road” (NHK radio textbook “Mainichi Doitsugo”-Everyday German Language-)
Special feature article and photos in travel guide “Spain” , “Pilgrimage to Santiago de Compostela” (Jitsugyo no Nihon Sha, Ltd.)
“Spouse of Ambassadors” (Asahi Newspaper)


Ms. Hiromi Yokoi has been working as a Special Correspondent for JIJI Press since 2001. In this role, she has accomplished a lot of interviews of both Japanese and foreign politicians, diplomats and business magnates including the President of Peru, Mr. Fujimori, the Prime Minister of Iceland, Mr. Oddson, and over 120 Ambassadors stationed in Japan. In addition to this, she has travelled to over 70 countries to journal about the charms of the world for and wrote a series of essays about gourmet and agriculture for “AGRIO” magazine. Prior to her role at JIJI, she was an announcer and caster for TV Tokyo from 1995-2001. During this time, she acted as a mediator between viewers and famous TV casts like professional sports athletes, actors and politicians, and made good reports. In recent years she has been involved in several TV Productions for TV Channel and also dedicates her time to providing lectures and seminars relating to Tourism.