Kizuna Challenge

Welcome to the Global Well-being Competition:

The Awaji Kizuna Challenge

If you are a university student and are looking to experience something groundbreaking, join this 8 week journey to connect with top talent from global universities and innovative start-ups in Japan, to devise unique solutions for societal well-being in Awaji, Japan.

Application Process

🗓️ March 11th ~ April 5th Application form: APPLICATION CLOSED

🗓️April 8th ~ Announcement of results round 1

🗓️ April 9th ~ 14th Video interview submission for selected students

🗓️ April 17th Announcement of selected students

*dates subject to change

What is the Global Well-being Competition

The Awaji Kizuna Challenge


Fostered by the Awaji Youth Federation, we want to bridge the gap between visionary entrepreneurs and top talent from world-renowned universities, sparking global change through multicultural collaboration.


During the competition, participants will be able to:


1. Gain fruitful business connections 

2. Meet like-minded colleagues

3. Try their ideas in actions train teamwork soft skills

4. Implement their expertise in their project learn about well-being concepts and practices



The top-performing teams will get the opportunity to present their innovation on Awaji island.

Thank you for participating. The Challenge starts April 26th!

Innovation Program

Engage in a 6 week online experience, working in groups made of students and entrepreneurs with dedicated mentors to devise innovative solutions, contributing to the well-being of society.

Week of April 22nd

Understand the objectives of the Awaji Kizuna Challenge

Week of April 29th

Learn about Awaji Island, and develop an understanding of local context

Week of May 6th 

Teams engage in discussion sessions to continue enhancing their solution proposal

Week of May 13th

Teams continue refining solution proposals based on feedback and discussion happening during the zoom session

Week of May 20th

Teams present the status of their final solutions, receiving feedback from peers and mentors

Week of May 27th

Teams finalize and submit their refined final solutions in a presentation format. This marks the culmination of the 6-week program.

Participation Details

This program is for you if you are…


– A student currently enrolled in a university

– Ambitious and willing to solve real-life problems 

– Interested in Japan, innovation and well-being

– Are over 20 years old (preferred)

– Have knowledge of MS Office and other tools alike

This program is free for all participants!


– All participants will join a team of other passionate and talented individuals from around the world 

– For the 8 weeks of the program, teams will generate solution proposals and all participants will join weekly sessions with interactive activities and seminars where you will learn from diverse experts, and discuss with international individuals

– You will directly work and collaborate alongside Japanese start- ups to devise groundbreaking solutions




The best team will be invited to Japan to present their innovations during a special event in front of a wide group of well-being experts!

About Well-being Innovation

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