AYF 2024 Project Pitch

Important Notes

Time to submit: 2 weeks after Registration

Go through the checklist and make sure you added all the details

Once you finish your project proposal upload it with your unique link you received after Registration

Welcome to the exciting second step of your AYF Fellowship Application!

Last year, we received a surprising amount of 4000 new ideas, and guess what? We loved every bit of the process. Now, it’s your turn to bring your unique touch to Awaji Island. Ready to make your mark?
Let’s dive in! 🚀

You have to propose a new project/business idea for Awaji Island. These ideas should align with the long-term vision and mission of Pasona Group and contribute to the overall growth and success of the organization. It can be a new idea or ideas that can contribute to the already existing ideas under the Pasona Group

Guidance for Your Journey

Research Insights
By this point, we assume you’ve delved into Pasona Group’s activities on Awaji Island.

Now, let’s ensure you’re well-equipped to design the best idea. We’ve curated a list of cool initiatives initiated by the Pasona Group in Awaji. Keep in mind that the projects below are simply a jumping-off point. You have the ability to generate your own brilliant ideas, without being constrained by these examples. So don’t hesitate to let your creativity shine!

Project Checklist

  1. Project name and brief summary
  2. Concept a. Problem Identification and Proposed Solution b. Aims & objectives
  3. Setting project goals and scalability a. Measurable and with a timeline
  4. Rough Resource requirements a. Rough Budget (For prototype and full Project) b. Human Resources c. Others
  5. Sustainability strategy a. Revenue Model (How will it be sustainable economically?) b. Barriers to entry (What problems you might face, and how will you prepare for them?) c. Promotion tactics (How will you keep the project relevant with stakeholders?)
  6. Final Proposal Key Points a. Show a clear need for your idea connected to Awaji b. Show what makes you and your idea unique c. Show how you will start working on your idea with limited resources

Just a note, here is how we select a successful project

  1. Effort and Research: We assess the effort and time dedicated to researching the Pasona Group’s initiatives, including the depth of your design and idea exploration.
  2. Uniqueness: Your idea is special to us. We’re on the lookout for fresh perspectives that stand out from the crowd. Remember, with the sheer volume of submissions we receive, it’s important to bring something new to the table. And if your inspiration comes from ChatGPT, don’t worry, we’ll recognize it 🙂 – every idea is unique in its way!